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Citrine is a semi precious stone from Brazil with a masculine polarity.

This gem symbolises the one who goes in search of himself through his own light.

Citrine is fundamentally related to the flow of light in the physical body. It allows the emission of our natural radiation on our environment. Linked to the Sun, it brings warmth and well-being. It is a general tonic.

It is a stone of opennes and light, of benevolence, of healing. It is also known as the stone ofabundance because of the inner wealth it generates.


the Physical it brings energy and healing to the body, to digestion.

the Intellectual : it reinforces creativity through its luminous energy, concentration, leadership, transmission, communication.

the Emotional : it strengthens self-confidence, calms fears and allows you to take a step back. Beneficence, benevolence, positivism, abundance.

the Spiritual one : it opens intuition with its great energy, it allows the emission of the natural radiance of what we carry within us, of our essence.




It promotes insights and questioning, and encourages all possibilities to find the best solution.

It is a stone that pushes to develop a positive attitude and to see the future optimistically. It increases respect and self-confidence. It promotes appreciation of personal experiences. It strengthens individuality, and makes you numb to negative criticism. It increases the prosperity and success.

It strengthens the metabolism, and gives energy and vigor to the body. Citrine strengthens dynamism and motivation. It helps with decision-making and initiative.