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Interactive Trainings



With COVID-19, remote team management has become compulsory overnight for almost everyone!

Confinement, distance from the workplace also forces several teams to reorganize their tasks and their priorities. Some managers had to make quick reallocation decisions to continue to maintain their business and deliver what is expected of them, all in a hurry.

It is recognized that the local manager plays a key role in these exceptional situations, because it is to him that employees turn when they are confused. He acts as he rallying point of the team.

It is therefore a question for the managers, to be aware of their role and to be extremely vigilant to these challenges, both for themselves and for their teams.

They will have to provoke opportunities for virtual meetings and greater communication than usual. And, given the exceptional situation we are experiencing, it is also key for the manager to listen to employees, to understand their apprehensions and to reassure them, despite all the uncertainties and unknowns they must also face personally. The challenges are therefore multiple and substantial.


We propose a collective approach for companies in several remote interactive sessions (zoom).

Each module lasts 2h.

These sessions are punctuated by theory, exchange of experience, practice and awareness. At the end of each module, the participants come out with a theoretical contribution, learning and courses of action.



  • Understanding communication needs in a chaotic times
  • Working on my apprehensions
  • Creating and sharing new operating rules
  • Understanding the mechanism of apprehensions and resistances
  • Identify apprehensions in others, detect human risks
  • Active listening and reformulation
  • Points of attention in remote communication
  • Animation techniques and rules
  • Communication needs, communication profiles
  • Working on my apprehensions and my needs
  • Communication on change and during uncertain time
  • Building a reassuring message
  • The mechanisms of trust
  • Express clearly one's needs
  • Knowing how to say things when expectations are not met
  • The team dynamic
  • Knowing how to identify the dynamic and make it evolve
  • The 5 pillars of a performing team



Train every person in the organisation which has an influence
on a group of persons or on a team (manager, team leader, project manager, coordinator...). Reinforce the leadership and management culture of the organisation.


The content and duration of the training are defined
with the client depending on its needs, its management maturity and on the objectives to be reached.

Each module lasts between 2 and 4 hours and can be linked to Insights or Wave test results, if the 'Get to Know Me' module is followed.




  • Get to Know Me - Insights or Wave (psychometric tools)
  • My roles and preferences as a Manager
  • My communication style
  • Communicate a vision (impacts and influence)
  • Conflict Management
  • The 4 Situational Leadeship Styles
  • The delegation
  • The art of managing Teams through Changes
  • The Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Emotional Intelligence
  • The 5 Pillars of a Performing Team
  • The Feedback Culture
  • The Manager-Coach: method, posture, questioning, active listening (4-8h)
  • The Burn-Out: how to identify it, how to prevent it?

Révéler et déployer le leadership de chacun

La spécificité de ce programme est :

  • une vision holistique du leadership
  • une approche modulaire et sur mesure
  • l’engagement du participant autour du projet d’entreprise qu’il amène
  • un accompagnement personnalisé tout au long du processus


Rayonner mon Leadership@Work est un programme modulaire autour de cinq thèmes qui est conçu dans l’intention de faire découvrir, développer et manifester le leadership de vos collaborateurs. Nous désirons, par ce programme, les interpeller dans leur façon de penser et d’activer leur leadership afin de leur permettre d’affiner leur positionnement dans leur environnement professionnel.

Ils trouveront dans ce programme les moyens d’accéder à leurs motivations, leurs valeurs, leurs talents et ainsi, développer une plus grande efficience pour eux et pour l’Organisation.

Le programme Rayonner mon Leadership@Work offre à vos collaborateurs l’opportunité d’acquérir de meilleures connaissances et compétences dans

  • L’émergence de leur leadership
  • La qualité de leurs relations interpersonnelles
  • Leur pouvoir décisionnel
  • La puissance du collectif / de l’équipe
  • Leur posture corporelle

Programme réalisé en collaboration avec Danielle Brault International.

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