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Do you want to turn a situation that you currently live at work or in private and which is not satisfactory? Do you want to improve your confidence, your self-esteem, your leadership? You’d like to know your talents and skills?

You need support to manage a significant change, you are not satisfied with the behaviour of some of your employees or colleagues, you have important choices to make and you hesitate?
Are you willing to invest personally and work on yourself to live better?

Contact me for a free exploratory session.



In Private: According to agreement between 4 to 9 individual coaching sessions are to be expected. A contract is established. It defines the financial modalities, the place of the meetings, the expectations. A goal is defined and regular situation points are conducted to validate the number of sessions.

In organisations: Elaboration of the objectives of the approach with the coachee, the Manager and, if necessary, Human Resources. Establishment of an agreement stipulating the mode of operation and common objectives, as well as the number of individual sessions (between 3 and 9) and situation points (between 1 and 3) with the person in charge. Animation of the coaching and feedback sessions.

The first exploratory session is free. It can take place by phone, by skype or face to face.




The coaching coaching is defined as a relationship followed within a defined period that allows the client to obtain tangible and measurable results in his or her professional and personal life.

Through the professional coaching, the coachee deepens its knowledge of himself and improves its performance.



Holistic coaching is a coaching approach that considers the human being in its entirety and which leads to the reception, integration and uniqueness of the 4 dimensions of our being: the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual dimension.

All the tools of the approach subtly visit these 4 dimensions and allow the coachee to not only integrate transformations intellectually but also – and this is its true strength – in the body, through emotions and through the entire energy of the person.
It has a liberating, profound and subtle effect. The ' I must ' disappear, the ' I am, I live, I choose ' appear.