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You feel you need support to better communicate with your team, give feedback, manage conflict, review and change an organization, clarify roles and responsibilities and areas of influence, reduce tensions ...?

You are several managers in that situation?

You don't have the time to train yourself but want to learn and discover approaches, concepts, postures, tools that will help you get out of this deadlock? Let's meet and put our minds together!



During a first exploratory session we define together your objectives and your needs.

And according to our discussions, we offer you a way forward and we animate, for example, an interactive workshop where your entire group works and shares together about situations to be transformed.

The exercices may vary depending on the topics to handle and the number of participants.

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With the increasing number of projects, of priorities, of pressures, re-organisations, merge and acquisitions,....
the roles and visions are continuously changing and the tensions and frustrations are increasing....
... the motivation of each individuals goes down, the team spirit disappears and the commun vision gets lost.

The feeling of belonging to the team or to teh company is no longer there, trust is broken between certain members of the team and / or with the leader.



This 2-day workshop helps restoring trust and bond between all team members.
Together with the leader's vision, the team decides together what needs to continue, what needs to be adapted and what needs to stop.

At the end of the 2 days, the team leaves with a common mission, an action plan and a new collaboration contract. The team is revitalized and has found a goal and above all, a common sense.

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Wondering what messages should be given to teams so that they can buy into the changes and who should give them? How to manage resistance? How to identify the risks of the project from a human point of view and the actions to be put in place to carry it out?



Based on a few main criteria such as the identification of the organization's ability to change and the impact of the change on the organization, the ADKAR® Prosci methodology offers a set of actions and recommendations to support each individual of a company to succeed in implementing the change and making it live in a sustainable manner.

This 1-day workshop, inspired by the ADKAR methodology, allows you to understand the basics of the impact of change on the organization, to recognize human reactions related to changes and to address them

This workshop can continue with specific support to help you define the approach adapted to your organization, to the types of resistance you face and to implement it successfully.

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To strengthen your Change Management skills, get certified here : ADKAR Prosci